Denmark-France (Fifa World Cup) and the Danish-French Football tournament

26 June 2018

Événement de la Chambre

Please register your participation for the broadcast of the match.

In relation to the World Cup calendar, we have decided to organize our annual football tournament on Tuesday, June 26th, where Denmark and France will play against each other at 16.00. On this occasion, we will start our own tournament in the late morning hours in order to finish before the "real" match, which we will then watch together at the stadium and finish the day with a lovely dinner.

We invite all of you to watch the France-Denmark match together at Farum Parken. The idea is to enjoy the match together and hold a party as a symbol of our strong Danish-French friendship.

Program of the day:

1- At 12.00, our own Danish-French football tournament will start. 10 companies will participate in the tournament. You can come to support your team.

2- At 16.00, we will watch the "real" match. You will watch the match between Denmark and France, the final group game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, together. Kindly note that for the 16.00 broadcast of the match you are welcome to join us free of charge. All you have to do is sign up below. The watching of the match together, French and Danes side by side, should be a truly great moment in a fabulous atmosphere.

Please note that a special bus will leave the center of Copenhagen (in front of the French Embassy at 15.15) and bring all the supporters to Farum. After the match, at about 18.45, the bus will return to Copenhagen. If you would like to use this special bus service, please indicate so on the registration form on our website. For your information, the cost of the bus will be 50 DKK per person, which includes a return trip and a cocktail offered by Pernod Ricard during the match.

3- At 18.15, we will enjoy a delicious dinner together in the VIP lounge. You can enjoy a lovely dinner with all the other participants in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Other members are also invited to join the dinner. You can also bring your family and friends. The price for the dinner is DKK 700 ex. VAT. pr. person (children under the age of 14: DKK 300 ex. VAT).

The dinner is fully booked.

Allez le Danemark and Kom så Frankrig

Please register your participation for the broadcast of the match.

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