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Energy giant shows the way in the climate battle

Press release November 15th, 2017

On November 6th to 17th 30,000 of the worlds’ scientists, top politicians, NGOs and chief executive officers will come together for the climate battle. This will take place at COP23 in Bonn, which is the next big step towards a better climate since the Paris Agreement was entered at COP21 in 2015.

At this meeting, the energy giant Schneider Electric will participate in 11 debates to turn talk into action. The aim is to address the discussion of energy optimisation and lead the way with technological solutions that can make companies and the entire world greener through IoT and atomisation. To Danish CEO of Schneider, Helene Egebøl, this is not only a duty towards nature, but also a natural duty:
“When you are a global player like us with energy as part of our core business, it obliges us to take the lead with technology that can make a green difference – not only to ourselves and our customers, but to the entire climate. And we actually believe that we can achieve this. COP23 is a clear opportunity to create substantial changes by taking part in the discussions and show how technology can reduce the energy consumption of corporations across sectors and throughout the world”, says Helene Egebøl, CEO of Schneider Electric Denmark.

Quick results
Schneider has long taken the green lead and at COP21 they set a goal to make the entire production CO2 neutral in 2030. This goal is consistent with the COP23 ambitions and has been developed from an ambitious 2015-2017 ‘Planet & Society’ barometer.

The barometer will test the sustainable development on 16 parameters to ensure that the company sets the bar high, but also keeps their promises. And presently – three months prior to the finishing line – Schneider Electric has announced that the 2017-goals have not only been achieved, but also surpassed. One quarter in advance.

Hereby, Schneider Electric commences the fourth quarter with a score of 9 out of 10 completed goals and has won a place at ‘CDP Climate A list’. For the 7th year in a row.

In Q3, Schneider Electric has achieved the following goals:
- Reducing the CO2-emissions from transportation by 10 per cent. These have already been reduced by 11.6 per cent
- Reducing the CO2-emissions by 120,000 tons through maintenance, technological modernisation and so-called ‘end-of-life’ services. Here, the CO2-emissions have already been lowered by more than 148,000 tons
- Reducing the amount of waste to 0 on 100 industrial plants from a mission of ‘zero waste landfill’. This has already been achieved at 116 factories
- Designing all products in R&D ‘the Schneider ecoDesign Way’. This has been achieved 100 per cent

Payoffs on both the climate account and the bottom line

The goals have been achieved partly through concrete initiatives. For instance, the reduction of waste is a direct result of minimising and recycling materials such as thermoplastic, metal and transportation packaging.

But the largest part of the journey towards becoming more climate friendly will happen through Schneider Electrics own technologies, which atomise and optimise the energy consumption. Besides implementing these solutions in other organisations, they have saved 9.2 per cent on their primary plant, which covers more than 80 per cent of the aggregate energy consumption. The goal is to reach 10 per cent before the end of the year.

But the efforts do not only pay off on the green account. It is actually visible on the bottom line. Through a so-called ‘Access to Energy’ programme, Schneider Electric has set out to deliver comprehensive energy solutions, which will contribute with the electricity provision to exposed communities. This will happen through portable lamps, solar panels, water pump systems and street lightening among others. In Q3 2017, the turnover from the ‘Access to Energy’-programme was 2.09 times higher than in Q3 2014.

“Every organisation that wishes to enhance its efficiency and minimise its CO2-emissions must look inwards and consider its energy consumption. Intelligent systems for energy control permit monitoring the aggregate energy consumption in buildings and collecting data to determine where the energy consumption can be and should be cut” says CEO of Schneider Electric Denmark, Helene Egebøl. She concludes:
“In Schneider Electric we have set a goal to become CO2 neutral in 2030. This is binding and ambitious. Therefore we are obliged to further develop our technologies and solutions continuously to be at the forefront of the climate goals we set on an on-going basis. But we, too, must contribute by setting agendas and this is why COP23 is an important step towards the goal. We believe it is possible.

About Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy control and automation. Supported by revenue of 25 billion euro in 2016, our 160,000 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries and help them administer their energy consumption in a safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable way. From the simplest electric switches to complex operation systems, our technology, software and services optimise the way our customers control and automate their businesses. Among others Schneider Electric Denmark A/S incorporates the prominent brand, Lauritz Knudsen, which is Denmark’s leading brand in electric materials. We constantly work to connect the world through intelligent solutions that change industries, transform cities and digitalise businesses. We make sure that Life is ON.


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