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4 reasons from the expert...

4 reasons from the expert: This is why a smart energy control should be put on the management’s agenda
Press release: June 12th, 2017

It is expensive, inefficient and harmful for the environment when the heating-, cooling- and electrical systems in the office or on the factory are not aligned. Here are 4 critical reasons why you as a leader should incorporate an intelligent electric system when you future-proof your business.

Ballerup July 8th, 2017: Office buildings and other large buildings are among the most severe energy consumers in the world. According to the Danish Energy Council, 30 – 40 per cent of Danish energy is used for heating, cooling and electricity in buildings. At the same time, buildings are responsible for around 40 per cent of the aggregate CO2-emissions in the world.

“Today, most companies have multiple systems for managing their heating, cooling and electricity, which are not aligned – and this is not good for expenditures or for the environment” says energy control expert Michael Thode from Schneider Electric.

But there is hope. Modern-day intelligent energy systems connect all the relevant parts and integrate them, which means they can ‘read and understand’ each other’s data. This is also referred to as IoT (internet of things) or IIoT (industrial internet of things). The systems will automatically monitor and analyse the consumption in real time. Hereby, the company collects the data necessary for reducing their consumption.

Below are four good reasons from energy control expert Michael Thode for why you as a leader should consider intelligent management of energy resources in your business:
1. Optimisation: You can cut your energy consumption by up to 30 per cent by shifting to intelligent energy control. This is because the company can decide where to optimise once they have valid data. At the same time you will need fewer resources to manually read your consumption on the different systems. This amount of time can be used for more important tasks in the future. With an overview of the consumption, each department will have the ability to save both time and money by seeing and measuring data by the hour.

2. Software spares the environment: More and more companies strive to become partly or entirely CO2-neutral. But many still have difficulties choosing the right mechanisms. This has been shown in an investigation by the Ecological Council. Energy control software can provide the company with the necessary knowledge for reducing its CO2-emissions.

3. Minimise the downtime: Poor power quality is a business threat, with the risk of breakdowns and high bills. This is a challenge for many companies and hence an important KPI to operations managers. Modern energy management components, like the overload release Masterpact MTZ from Schneider Electric, can register the power quality and hereby diminish the risk of breakdowns and unnecessary damage.

4. You are future-proof: Updating and future-proofing does not have to mean purchasing new hardware. Modern power management-systems are updated continuously, which means they are always in line with software packages – e.g. with EcoStructure Power, which ensures full integration across different systems. You will also be future-proofed by avoiding that your energy consumption doubles towards 2040. This is the forecast if your company continues its operations as currently.

About Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy control and automation. Supported by revenue of 25 billion euro in 2016, our 160,000 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries and help them administer their energy consumption in a safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable way. From the simplest electric switches to complex operation systems, our technology, software and services optimise the way our customers control and automate their businesses. Among others Schneider Electric Denmark A/S incorporates the prominent brand, Lauritz Knudsen, which is Denmark’s leading brand in electric materials. We constantly work to connect the world through intelligent solutions that change industries, transform cities and digitalise businesses. We make sure that Life is ON.


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