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Atos to grow significantly in the Nordics

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, plans to strengthen its Nordic operations to help customers on their digital journey. Atos believes that Nordic countries and companies are uniquely geared to reap the benefits of the ongoing digital transformation.

Atos, a digital services leader with over 100.000 experts worldwide and, headquartered in Paris, has a highly ambitious growth strategy, and intends to increase its footprint and market share significantly in the Nordics within the coming two to three years.

“We have been in a phase in the Nordic region where we have supported the customers we received when we six years ago acquired Siemens' IT companies worldwide. We have developed the customer base and now we are ready to grow sharply and get new customers, and we are also ready to win big contracts in Denmark and the Nordics," says Peter Vermehren-Poulsen, Country Manager Atos Denmark.

The Nordics will be an increasingly important market for Atos, and that is why the company is now taking a serious step forward. There is a rising need of the customers in the Nordics who are looking for a trusted partner to support their ambition of harvesting the full potential of the inevitable digital transformation that all companies which want to stay relevant are facing. And Atos is aiming to become that trusted partner.

Huge market changes ahead
Peter Vermehren-Poulsen predicts a dramatic change in the entire IT industry within the coming three to five years due to the rapid development of cloud-based services and technologies such as AI, Robotics, Big Data Analytics and Quantum Computing. Since the Nordic countries are digital frontrunners, the region will be one of the first in the world to experience significant changes. Peter explains that, for Atos, the dramatic changes have huge potential.

“Atos has the potential to shake up the marketplace for several reasons: In the Nordics and in Denmark, we are able to act as a challenger. We are small and agile in Denmark and we do not have a lot of legacy like some of our colleagues and competitors do. At the same time, we are big globally and quite big when it comes to being close to the customer as we have a critical mass in Denmark. With that formula, we believe we can compete with the main competitors in the market,” he explains.

Atos is also focusing a lot of its efforts on innovation.“Atos is currently the only European IT player with HPC (High-performance computing) capabilities. We are already investing in quantum computing and operating the first Quantum Learning Machines that our customers can start exploring. We have the capabilities to bring the new thinking and innovation to our customers as well.”

Worldline as a frontrunner
Worldline, one of Europe's leading providers of payment solutions and services for banks, is also part of the Atos Group. Worldline initiated the group’s new Nordic strategy at the beginning of 2017 when its CEO Gilles Grapinet stated that Worldline saw great opportunities in a stronger presence in the Nordic countries and started to make significant investments accordingly.

Since then, in a short period of time, Worldline has managed to gain substantial traction in the Nordic market. Harri Saikkonen sees Worldline’s success as a clear sign that the Atos Group’s approach to digital transformation is right for Nordic customers.

“Worldline’s primary focus is naturally the Nordic banks. Atos’ scope is broader, although we also deliver security solutions to several Nordic banks. But our mindset and focus on innovative solutions and customer centricity are characteristic of both Worldline and Atos in our Nordic endeavours."

Worldline’s strategy for growth is also supported by the latest acquisitions made in the Nordic and Baltic region.


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