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Meet Emmanuel Henry, Managing Director of Alstom Denmark. With a long experience within the company, he joined the Danish team earlier this spring.
First, tell us about Alstom in Denmark
Alstom has been present on the Danish market for 20 years, having sold over 200 regional trains in the country, among others to DSB and Nordjyske Jernbaner. Alstom is currently replacing the existing signalling system on 1500 km tracks in the Eastern part of the country for Banedanmark, and is also equipping about 400 Danish trains with the latest on-board signaling technology.
It is part of an enormous national investment program in Danish infrastructure that will give more punctual and safer trains, as well as ensuring a railway system with more trains and higher capacity. Denmark is the first country to implement this new European signaling standard system for railway in a whole country in one go, and it is understandably a complex project.
What is your professional background?
After 10 years in the avionics industry, I have been working with Alstom for over 20 years on international signaling and turnkey projects, and I have gathered quite some experience and network in the railways world. I have managed tenders and projects in Asia, America and Europe. For example, I spent four years in Singapore delivering a mega turnkey project including new metro trains, signalling , control center, trackworks, power supply.
How are you adjusting to your new life in Denmark?
I instantly felt comfortable in Copenhagen and I am personally very happy to get an opportunity to live here. I am truly international at heart, and I really appreciate the diversity of our Danish Alstom team and our very vibrant Copenhagen office, where we have people form 15 different nationalities.
What are your expectations working with the Danish French Chamber of Commerce?
To me, networking is an essential part of my professional life. The chamber is doing an important job by connecting French companies with the local business community and facilitating business, and I am looking forward to taking part in one of your many activities soon.
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