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About Aamanns,
At Aamanns, we give the traditional Danish dishes a modern and tasteful overhaul. Respect for original flavors and culinary craftsmanship is a driving force in everything we do. We make things from scratch and from proper ingredients in accordance to seasons. Our suppliers choice is based on clear positions in areas such as sustainability and animal welfare. It is important for us that the meat comes from animals that have lived a decent life outdoors, just as grains and dairy products are organic.

At Aamanns, we are especially recognized for having revitalized the classic Danish open sandwich (Smørrebrød).
By always putting flavors and high quality products, and at the same time adding surprising elements, we creating new taste combinations.
Always being in constant motion is one of Aamanns values.
The foundation of our open sandwiches is the organic sourdough rye bread.
It combines texture, sweetness and bitterness, and forms a wonderful base to all of our smørrebrød.
Bread, cold cuts, vegetables, herbs, emulsions and crispy elements are carefully dosed, and together form a complete aesthetic whole with a focus on the overall taste impression.

In constant development, Aamanns is represented today by 160 employees, over 4 restaurants, 2 delis & take away, 1 bakery.
On top of those venues, we are also proud to be feeding over 1000 people every day trough our lunch plan at our 2 cantines in Carlsbergbyen and Refshaleøen.
In constant motion, we are looking for new colleagues to help us grow and become even better at what we are doing.

You are a chef and wants to work with amazing products ? Contact us 
You are a smiling waiter/waitress, social and loves to work in great places? Contact us
You are a baker ? pastry chef ? Contact us.

You’re none of the above ? We are always looking for talents and people to join our team - in HR ? Customer service ? Send us a word about you.

Because a picture says more than a thousand words, have a look at what we do here : https://www.instagram.com/aamanns.dk/ or here ww.aamanns.dk

Applications:  yoann(@)aamanns.dk

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