Colas paves the roads of tomorrow

Colas Danmark A/S is one of the leading companies in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure in Denmark. We carry out activities throughout Denmark and employ approx. 500 employees. Our solutions for infrastructure are based on know-how and new technology, and we continuously strive to introduce more sustainable and efficient products and solutions for infrastructure across the country.

Caring for our surroundings

Caring for the environment is one of Colas’ top priorities and we have committed ourselves to a low- carbon and biodiversity strategy that addresses the issues of climate emergency and biodiversity loss, with ambitious targets for reducing emissions by, among others, boosting energy efficiency and developing innovative new manufacturing processes.

The construction industry is a major consumer of construction materials. At Colas, we are fully aware of this, which is why we recycle a high percentage of asphalt milling and concrete in our new productions – always ensuring that the recycled products do not contain harmful chemicals that are hazardous to humans or the environment.  Colas Danmark A/S also offers ‘Colas Active Sealing’, which is a special coating that extends the longevity of the asphalt by 30-40% and therefore saves resources, and Vegecol which is a special plant-based binder made from vegetable oils. The binder used to make Vegecol asphalt is consistent with a carbon emission reduction strategy thanks to its ability to store CO2.

The challenge of preserving biodiversity

Preserving biodiversity is a challenge for the construction industry. However, we strive to preserve biodiversity in our gravel pits by restoring watercourses, building niches and shelters to serve as habitat for species, adapting activity to respect nesting periods, and more. Recently, biodiversity was the core theme of Colas’ annual Environment Day. The day serves as a highlight to a much broader set of actions in favour of biodiversity.

Bienvenue au Danemark

With biodiversity, recycling, safety, accessibility and connection we aim to imagine and build safe roads, including long stretches of the route for Tour de France through Denmark in July 2022. Bienvenue au Danemark!

Colas Danmark A/S is a subsidiary of the French-owned Colas Group, headquartered in Paris and owned by French construction and telecom giant Bouygues. Worldwide, the Colas Group's mission is to develop, build and maintain transportation infrastructure. With a network of 800 construction companies in more than 50 countries on five continents, the group's subsidiaries work locally to bind society together.

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