COVID-19 - Questions/Answers

The Danish government has introduced extremely strict rules for foreigners' acces to Denmark. Only foreigners having a creditable reason for entering Denmark will be accepted. For the time being, visits to seriously ill family members, visits to children in case of a divorce, or working in Denmark has hitherto been stated as being creditable.

However, the police will during the coming days specify what will be accepted as creditable. To ensure that this interpretation creates as little disturbance as possible for you, we should be grateful if you will let us know what should be accepted as creditable reasons for entering Denmark, in order that these restrictions creates the least disturbance for your day to day business. On the basis of your input we will contact the Danish police to ask that this is taken into account.

Regarding the impact on business, several of you have contacted us with some concrete questions. Our sponsor member, the lawyer company Njord Law Firm, provided us with the ten most frequently asked questions about COVID-19, find them below:
1. Should you, as a private employer, send your employees home?
2. Are employees entitled to pay if they are quarantined?
3. Can an employee refuse to show up for work for fear of being infected?
4. Can employers require employees to take holidays?
5. Can the employer decide where employees go in their leisure time?
6. Should you, as an employer, cancel business trips?
7. Can employees stay at home if they have childcare issues?
8. Can employees bring their children to work?
9. Can employees stay home from work because of issues with public transport?
10. What to do if, because of COVID-19, you do not have tasks for your employees?
You can find the answers to these 10 questions on Njord's website by clicking here:
If you need an assistant for a specific question or a specific matter, you are welcome to contact Njord Law Firm via this email address or by phone: 
Ulrik Fleischer-Michaelsen
Advokat (L) / Partner
Direct: +45 77 40 10 33
Mobile: +45 25 24 51 37

Best regards 

The Danish-French Chamber of Commerce 

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