COVID-19 - French aid package for companies established in France

French aid package for companies established in France, 19th of March 2020

Faced with the COVID-19 epidemic, the French government has implemented immediate support measures for businesses:
1. Additional time to pay taxes
2. In the most difficult situations, direct tax rebates can be granted as part of an individual examination of requests;
3. Postponing the payment date for rents of the premises, water, gas and electricity bills for the smallest businesses in difficulty;
4. Aid of €1,500 for the smallest enterprises, the self-employed and micro-enterprises in the sectors most affected by the crisis
5. The mobilization of the State with 300 billion euros to guarantee the banks cash that companies may need because of the epidemic;
6. Support from the State and the Bank of France to negotiate a rescheduling of bank credits;
7. Maintaining employment in companies through the simplified and reinforced partial unemployment system;
8. Support to resolve any conflict with customers or suppliers by the Business Mediator;
9. Recognition by the State and local authorities of the Coronavirus as a case of force majeure for their public contracts. Consequently, for all state and local government contracts, delay penalties will not be applied.

Please find more information about these support measures on the website of the French Ministry for Economy and Finance by clicking here (information in French)

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