Denmark is to be the next Silicon Valley for Data Centers

Tina Schou, Country Sales Director for the IT Division at Schneider Electric Denmark A/S, is ambitious about the possibilities for Data Centers in Denmark. She believes Denmark could be the next Silicon Valley for Data Centers. With the arrival of companies such as Facebook and Apple, it is obvious that the Danish market has what the web giants are searching for:
“The political climate is stable, we have the world’s best energy distribution, green energy, a cool climate as well as high expertise in the area. To add to all of this, Denmark now also has a professional industry association, Danish Data Center Industry, whose focus is on attracting other large data centers to the Danish market.”


Tina is the Vice Chairman for the new industry association, and she believes the road to success is to work together across municipalities, distributers and the rest of the data center industry: “It is important to build an international brand where everyone know that “Denmark is the world’s best place to build a Data Center”. In order to do so, everyone has to cooperate”.

This is something the industry association focuses on, because the foundation for building long-term success for Data Centers in Denmark has already been laid.
The future for data centers is also already being created in Denmark. Schneider Electric has a team of 200 engineers located in Kolding. They are part of the global development center who develops intelligent UPS-plants and DCIM-software which are constantly redefining the standards for running effective, smart and secure Data Centers. 

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