Eminente, when Cuba meets the Nordics …

All around the Nordics, Eminente is a new rum coming directly from Cuba. Recently launched, it is so far available in exquisite cocktail bars, ...

Eminente is a Cuban rum from the heart of an island locals call ‘Isla del Cocodrilo’, whose unusual shape resembles that of its native crocodile.

Imagined by César Martí, the youngest Cuban Maestro Ronero (Rum Master), Eminente is a rich and full-bodied rum that draws its inspiration from 19th-century Cuban eaux-de-vie, with all their complexity.

The origins

Eminente finds its roots in the wild side of Cuba. This island is home to over 3,000 indigenous species including the Cuban crocodile, which hides in the Zapata Swamp, Cuba’s largest wetland in the southern Matanzas Province. Revered by locals, the wild animal embodies the country’s uncharted essence. Understanding its importance is an open door to exploring the best of Cuban nature and its unexpected characteristics.

A one-of-a-kind packaging

Eminente is intrinsically linked to Cuba’s untainted nature, down to its bottle and logo.

Its sensorial, textured glass and crocodile-shaped island on the label are reminiscent of the native animal. The side label, resembling a traveling ticket, tells the story of Eminente in the words of its Maestro Ronero. Each bottle features a different number across this same label. The bottle and packaging are made from either 100% recyclable or recycled materials, thus lessening their impact on the environment. The cork is FSC certified, the selected paper labels are made from cotton by-products from the textile industry, and the bottle is produced in Mexico, the closest country to Cuba that produces glass, therefore reducing transportation.

One sip of Cuba

In the Nordics, “Eminente Reserva 7 years old” is the product you can find at your doorstep.

Ideal for sipping on its own, over a large ice cube or in cocktails, Eminente Reserva possesses the aesthetics of a traditional Cuban light rum but with the complexity and depth of a very old one.

A rich amber with a mahogany hue, Eminente Reserva is at once intense and delicate on the nose.

The initial aroma of freshly roasted coffee gives way to softer notes of dulce de leche, toasted almond and cocoa. Full-bodied and incredibly deep, the palate is rich with vanilla and smoky notes, coffee and raspadura, which is the taste of unrefined sugar cane. Spicy notes of ginger and Sichuan pepper with a slight taste of prune in the background. Unsurprisingly, this is a long finish, fresh and creamy with notes of chocolate and a hint of smoke.

Once the glass is empty, Eminente Reserva leaves a smoky aroma, with notes of molasses, almond and pear.

Always drink responsibly.

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