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Former athletes and their new professional life and General Assembly

In relation to the International Olympic Day, on the 22nd of June the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce had the pleasure of welcoming three former top athletes to the French embassy for a talk about their transition from a sports career to a business career. The guest and the speakers were welcomed by the French Ambassador Caroline Ferrari.

Before hearing about the experiences of the former athletes, we had the grand pleasure of an online presentation from Jacques de Navacelle, the great-grandnephew of Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games.

The three speakers Camilla Andersen (former danish handball player, two times Olympic Champion, and a world champion), Victor Feddersen (former danish rower, Olympic champion, and world record holder), and Laurence Fischer (former French karateka, winner of three world championships and ambassador for sport at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs) talked about their transition into the business world and how they use their experiences from sport in their new career.

The panel discussion was followed by a talk about the Olympic Games 2024 which will take place in Paris. Laurence Fischer, the ambassador of sport, told us about the importance of sport and its impact on the host country.

After the panel discussion, the participants had the pleasure of enjoying delicious wine offered by Les Grands Chais de France and the possibility of tasting the beautiful éclairs cooked by Queen’s Delight. You can find more information about the éclairs on their website and you can buy them in their shop on Grønnegade 37, 1107 København.

Thanks to Les Grand Chais de France and Queen’s Delight for providing a delicious aperitif. Finally, thanks to Jacques de Navacelle for the introduction and thanks to Camilla Andersen, Victor Feddersen, and Laurence Fischer for an entertaining panel discussion.

Before the conference, our annual General Assembly was organized where the annual report and accounts of 2020 were validated, and the 2021 budget was approved.

Please, click on the below picture to see all the pictures of the event. 

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