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Human Resources committee at Sephora

On the 29th of November, the HR committee was hosted at headquarters of Sephora.

The Human Resources Committee was launched in 2016 and gathers HR managers from French groups located in Denmark. As secretary of the Committee, the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce organises 3-4 meetings each year, whose purpose is to enable HR managers to develop their network, to exchange ideas among peers and enhance their professional practice. Intercultural management issues is one of the key topics addressed in the committee.

This HR committee gathered HR managers from Sephora, Chanel, Alstom Transport, Krüger, Bonduelle, BNP Factors, Lycée Prins Henrik, Loxam and Simone Pérèle.

The meeting started with a presentation of Sephora by its General Manager, Jenni Österlund.

Afterwards, intercultural competences were the discussed topic of the meeting: all participants had taken an intercultural test before the meeting. Relocare, a relocation company and intercultural management expert, gave feedback on the test and explained the HR managers the development orientation. Small assignments were presented to the group.  

The meeting was followed by a visit to a Sephora shop.

All participants thanked Sephora for having hosted the group so nicely and asked for longer meetings to get the opportunity to have more in-depth analyses and networking possibilities.

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Bilans d’évènement

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