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Saint-Gobain strengthens its market organisation

On February 1st Saint-Gobain Denmark welcomed Per Stabell Monby as the company's new Business Director. Per Stabell Monby joins Saint-Gobain from COWI where he held a position as Project Director specializing in sustainability. As Business Director his area of responsibility will include the development and positioning of the company’s profile with a clear focus on sustainability, indoor climate and digitalization.

Part of the responsibility of Per Monby and his team will be to assist public and private builders, architects, engineers and turnkey contractors with knowledge about sustainability and indoor climate to take these matters into consideration in the earliest design phase of the construction.

“Sustainable construction requires close collaboration and holistic thinking – rather than focusing on the individual product. Often sustainability and indoor climate come into play way too late in the process, making it more difficult and costly than if we collaborate and consider these aspects from the very beginning when a construction only exists on the drawing board,”says Per Stabell Monby.

He continues: "The thing about sustainability is that it does pays off in the long run. Both in terms of the building's economy, in terms of environmental perspectives and of course for our future generations. In fact, young people today already require more sustainable buildings than previously. So looking at an indoor climate improvement and at energy savings, a sustainable approach is typically a really good business for the developer.

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