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It’s with great pleasure that we introduce our 2 new employees; Hans Holmegaard Lemming and Gitte Svarrer.

Hans Lemming started in February 2019 and is Relocare’s Compliance & Tax Director with more than 25 years’ experience with global mobility, international taxation and compliance. Hans is providing consultancy to companies in Denmark and Sweden on taxation and compliance, and is servicing as the anchor point for several businesses expansion globally for legal, tax and compliance.

Gitte Svarrer is Relocare’s new Relocation consultant. Gitte has lived more than half of her adult life as an expat overseas in various countries.  She will combine that knowledge with her people skills and experience from big international companies, as well as her own personal upstart companies in order to provide the best possible service for Relocare’s clients.

Relocare has also introduced cultural training video tutorials. We have started with 4 videos in the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, France and Mexico. All videos are aimed at ensuring a fast and effective cultural training with a focus on business. Videos can be found on


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