Bilans d’évènement

Presentation of the New Members of the Chamber

On the 9th of June, the Chamber of Commerce had the pleasure of welcoming the new sponsor member Moët Hennessy and the four new company members, Clarisse Relocation, Duuo, Berlitz & Nordic Electrofuel to the chamber.

We started the evening with presentations of the companies:

Firstly, founder Clarisse Favre made a presentation of Clarisse Relocation. Freelance relocation consultant, Clarisse Relocation offers expatriates who move to Copenhagen to support them in their relocation. Living in Copenhagen with her family since 2013, Clarisse the founder of the company has first-hand experience of the issues related to international mobility acquired during her previous relocations

Secondly, founder and CEO Michael Attali Strøyberg presented DuuoDUUO supports companies' everyday life and helps companies fully focus on the core business. They do this by offering a wide range of facility services, such as cleaning, window washing, office assistance, handyman services, etc. This creates room for increased productivity and happy employees.

Thirdly, Country Manager Denmark Dorrit Johnsen presented Berlitz. Berlitz provides personalized and flexible language training and is represented in over 70 countries, has more than 550 centers worldwide, and has more than 140 years of experience. Whether you are a business, private consumer, or governmental institution, Berlitz offers the same customer-centric experience: quality language education on your terms. Learn face-to-face, virtually, or via their self-study program.

Fourthly, General Manager of Moët Hennessy Thibault Testot-Ferry Nordic made a presentation. Moët Hennessy is LVMH’s wine and spirits arm. Its brand portfolio has a high and very high-end focus. MH is a global leader in the sector and owns 23 Maisons, of which some are several centuries old. Founded by visionary and dedicated entrepreneurs, they have been passed down from generation to generation

Lastly, Gunnar Holen CEO of Nordic Electrofuel made an online presentation from Norway. Nordic Electrofuel's business concept is to produce carbon-neutral E-fuel and wax based on synthetic hydrocarbon using renewable energy, water, and CO2. This enables transport sectors to implement a swift and significant reduction of the carbon footprint without making massive investments in new equipment.

After the interesting presentations, our members had the pleasure of enjoying the newly launched Chandon Garden Spritz by Moët Hennessy. The Spritz consists of 30% orange liqueur made from sustainable Valencia oranges and 70% sparkling wine, a perfect drink for the summer. Together with the spritz we also had the opportunity to taste the delicious éclairs cooked by Queen’s Delight. You can find more information about the éclairs on their website and you can buy them in their shop on Grønnegade 37, 1107 København.

Thanks to Moët Hennessy and Queen’s Delight for providing a delicious aperitif.

We had the pleasure of finishing the cocktails on the rooftop of the building with one of the best views of Copenhagen, thanks to 360 Law firm for inviting us into their venue in Codanhus and for providing these great surroundings for the event.

Thank you for enjoying this evening with us and for respecting the sanitary precautions of being tested before. It was a pleasure to see so many of you again.

You can find some pictures from the event below 

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