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Saint-Gobain part of strong partnership aiming to solve renovation challenges 

Saint-Gobain is part of a strong partnership, REBUS, which among other consists of Saint-Gobain, NCC, Henning Larsen Architects and Teknologisk Insitut.

Denmark faces a major societal challenge. Most of the buildings are not up-to-date when it comes to energy consumption and indoor climate. And many of them are poorly maintained. There is a need for a massive effort to get the building stock upgraded and this is precisely the motivation behind the strong partnership in REBUS.

“For us REBUS is an opportunity to go more in depth with the work we have been doing for years, both alone in the development of innovative solutions for the construction industry, and in close collaboration with other educational institutions; namely to find answers to the renovation challenges we openly face. The fact that the Innovation Foundation supports the REBUS partnership is incredibly positive and shows that there is a political will to solve the challenges”, says research and development director Elin Søndergaard from Saint-Gobain.

The Danish Innovation Fund supports the project with 35 million out of the total budget of 81 million.

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