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Shutting in production from Denmark’s gas hub

The Tyra platforms have been at the core of Denmark’s energy infrastructure for 30 years, processing 90% of the nation’s natural gas production.

The Tyra platforms have been at the core of Denmark’s energy infrastructure for 30 years, processing 90% of the nation’s natural gas production. As a responsible energy provider, Total is investing 21 billion Danish kroner to redevelop the Tyra platforms in the Danish North Sea to support Denmark and Europe’s transition towards a low-carbon energy future. On 21 September 2019, the project reached a key milestone as production and export from the field was shut in successfully.

The temporary suspension of production is a key step towards safe removal of all the subsided facilities next year. Besides the two Tyra main platforms, six satellites are connected to the Tyra hub for gas export and these have also been closed in as part of the production shut-in.

Years of thorough planning and preparation

The shut-in has been planned carefully for more than three years and preparations started offshore in 2018. Prior to the shut-in, a new pipeline was installed to ensure continued gas export from the Southern fields. With the new pipeline in place, gas from the rest of the Total operated DUC fields is now exported to the Netherlands during the Tyra shut-in.

Throughout 2019 the activity level offshore has increased to prepare for the suspension of production. In April, work began to prepare and suspend production from the six satellite platforms one by one. At the same time, a dedicated wells team plugged and suspended 56 wells safely on the two main Tyra platforms.

Removing 7 Eiffel towers

Following the shut-in, work is now ongoing offshore to prepare for the removal in 2020. The next step will be manning up with more than 300 people offshore to enable the dismantling of the platforms before the world’s largest construction vessel, Pioneering Spirit, will arrive next year to remove the existing platforms. In total, more than 50.000 tonnes of steel will be removed which corresponds to approximately 7 Eiffel towers.

Would you like to know more?

You can find more information about the Tyra Redevelopment project here: denmark/better-energy-projects-denmark/tyra-redevelopment-tyra-gas-field-processing-90-nations- gas-production

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