Smart Sustainable Buildings at BLOX

On the 20th of November, the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce organized an exceptional conference on the theme of Smart Sustainable Buildings at BLOX.

200 hundred guests signed up for this amazing event.

After an interesting presentation of BLOX by Torben Klitgaard, the hub director of BLOXHUB, Torben, introduced the three speakers at the event :

  • Helene Egebøl, CEO of Schneider Electric Denmark.
  • Camille Fabre, Sustainability Director of SaintGobain Nordic and Baltic
  • Lone Feifer, Director of Sustainability & Architecture at the VELUX Group. 

The three speakers focused on the central role which the construction sector plays in the transition towards a greener future. 
This industry allows us to both save energy and bring an important comfort to the consumers. , "Smart Sustainable Buildings" is now at the heart of new real estate projects and building renovations for individuals, companies and institutions.

Torben asked the speakers the three following questions:
- Is it possible to construct buildings that are good for both people and the environment?
- How can data help the construction of buildings to be both more energy efficient, and more comfortable for the users at the same time?
- What will the future house look like?

By answering the questions above, the 3 guests debated and exchanged their ideas and visions of Smart Sustainable Buildings for one hour.

Each speaker introduced a video each. You can the videos by clicking the links below:
Saint Gobain :
Schneider Electric : CNYcP#action=sharen
Velux :

 Thanks a lot to Helene, Lone, Camille and Torben for this marvellous event.

The conference was followed by a cocktail where the guests were able to taste a glass of wine from our sponsor Les Grands Chais de France and engaging directly with the speakers.

Pictures of the conference can be found below. Special thank you to Thomas Mougeolle for the pictures taken during the event.

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