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Testimonial – Simone Pérèle - Covid-19

The corona crisis is not only a health crisis but also an economic crisis that is going to impact a lot of our members. 

This is why we have decided to interview some of our members about the impact of the crisis on their activity but also, most importantly, their answer on how to face the crisis.

Please find below an interview with Pia Laursen (General Manager at Simone Pérèle Nordics ApS and Netherlands, the luxurious French lingerie brand .

- For our members who don’t know you, could you please present your company in a few words?
We operate in the Nordics – NO, SE, FIN, IS and DK as well as Holland. We have staff in administration, Sales Representatives and Shop Sales assistants, a total of 22 staff.
Anchored in excellence, the House of Simone Pérèle cultivates its expertise: mastery of precious materials, demand for rare quality and subtlety of detail, coupled with a precise knowledge of the female body. 

- What were the consequences of this crisis on your activity and your organization?
As all of my distribution; department stores, independents and chains have been closed by the government, we have lost 100% of our turnover. The online business we could have, we see in the Nordics is also affected whereas in Holland it has managed to compensate for the stores sales with our Department store Bijenkorf.
- Will you benefit from the measures introduced by the Danish government? 
Yes, as for salary we expect to be compensated with 60-62% of our salaries in the Nordics and with 90% in Holland. As for the compensation on fixed cost, we are still not sure of the level as it is not yet clear which cost will be included.
- Have you already taken measures to end the crisis?
As we deliver our seasonal collections in this period, we have stopped all deliveries, as this will have an impact on the cash flow in my distribution. We are also considering how to plan delivery and production. As for the next seasons AW20 and SS21 collections fairs have been cancelled and postponed.
International collection presentations have been cancelled as no travel is possible and we will have to see/present the collections in new ways. 
- Did you draw any positive points from this period?
As for now, I cannot give you a reply on this in terms of business. On relations and staff level, it brings everybody together and it makes it clear we all need each other.

- How do you see the next few months?
Like watered milk in a glass – we have to find our way in a completely new market map. We don’t know yet where the different countries will be located so it is hard to navigate.
In terms of business we will not be able to resume turnover for many months ahead and my best guess is that it will be better after Summer vacation. 

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