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The hotel business in Copenhagen is booming...

The hotel business in Copenhagen is booming and NORDIC INSITE is at your disposal to customize your stay.

Copenhagen is a city that inspires and resonates when it comes to gastronomy, culture and sustainability. Copenhagen attracts both business people as well as an increasing number of discerning tourists. HORESTA (Danish Association for the Tourism and Restaurant trade) estimates a total of 21,000 hotel rooms in Copenhagen compared to 78,500 in Stockholm or 125,000 in Paris. A demand for accommodation exceeding availability results in fluctuating hotel rates and very high prices.

Thankfully, the situation is changing and more than 20,000 hotel rooms will be added by 2021. There is already an immediate change with more competitive rates, but also in accommodation options. Hotels competing with Airbnb and new concepts such as property sharing are being forced to reinvent themselves and optimize their offers.

Guest-residents love added-value

In Copenhagen there are only a few international giants and more family-owned hotels with both heart and soul, such as places owned by the Brøchner family. Since 1982 they have continued their tradition of pure Danish design elegance in accommodating lounges that invite the visitors to relax and communicate with one another.

This is especially noted by the ‘guest-residents’ who no longer wish to be referred to as tourists. Creative solutions have enabled Brøchner to carry quite radical change within the hotel business as a whole. An example is the “HEY NEIGHBOUR” card which gives neighbours a reduction in prices and allows residents to meet and mix in with locals. The heart of the hotels is found in a space where it is possible to work, debate, have a drink, unwind or have some snacks. All this at just the right market price.

Copenhagen also offers luxury services


Longtime 5-star category leader, Hotel D’Angleterre has offered a prestigious option in Copenhagen since 1755. With its impressive spa in white marble where body-care and rejuvenating massages are offered and its French-inspired Michelin-star restaurant, D’Angleterre is the epitome of classic luxury. Since November 2017, D’Angleterre has gained several competitors when it comes to luxury accommodation.

Obviously the 54 rooms of Hotel Sanders are not comparable to the capacity of D’Angleterre but the staff is certainly just as competent and devoted.


Opened by former professional dancer Alexander Kølpin, who already owns two very beautiful establishments near the sea. The Sanders Hotel is situated in a neoclassical building in Jugendstil on a quiet road just behind the Royal Danish Theatre. Located in the absolute city-centre, away from traffic but only 100 meters from the new metro, it represents the old-fashioned charm of the golden age of travelling. For interior design Kølpin hired London-based creators Pernille Lind and Richy Almond, who created a design unifying exotic touches of Danish and Asiatic inspiration. Minimalism has been abandoned in favor of warm textures and small vintage furniture from China with beautiful artistry. “We have used rattan and bamboo to create a calm, reassuring and colonial atmosphere inspired by the golden age of travelling and of an exploration of new places and cultures” she says. 
The patio, which is covered in plants and furnished with bamboo-elements by Arne Jacobsen, is a pure wonder in the summertime and between seasons, and with its soft, intimate atmosphere as well as chandeliers and fireplaces it is perfect for a winter stay. Do not miss out on the bar TATA, which is as taken from an Agatha Christie novel.

Offering a completely different experience, the Ottilia hotel, in the midst of the Carlsberg area, offers a stay at an iconic location and an extraordinary experience.

Innovative design hotels


The design of the Ottilia hotel reinterprets industrial architecture in a quite innovative manner. The original architectural details of the factory building are preserved and creates a fascinating contrast with the luxurious furnishings and contemporary design in the rest of the hotel.

In a similar vein, Herman K, a 5-star hotel in an old electrical transformer building, won the prize for best restoration of premises in 2019. The renovation of this industrial and historical jewel in concrete and bronze is evidence of high architectural competence. The building, which was constructed in 1962-63 in the era of “Brutalist Architecture”, leads a relatively quiet life in the energetic center, close to the busiest streets of the city. When entering, the visitor is greeted by a hall with 12 meters from floor to ceiling, which today houses a restaurant and a lounge with contrasting elements of concrete and warm leather. The staff is attentive and discreet.


Hotel Nimb - another 5-star hotel - has expanded and has gone from offering 12 to 36 rooms. It is situated at the entrance of Tivoli which was created in 1843 and is the oldest amusement park in Europe - full of fairytale-like buildings, amazing fountains, musical pavilions, pantomime theaters, a lake and particularly the magnificent gardens lit up by 120,000 light bulbs, giving hotel Nimb an old-fashioned charm. Hotel Nimb, with its Moorish façade, seems as if it is from a genuine Scandinavian fairytale. Certainly, the hotel has preserved its history and some original elements, but it has also adopted a decidedly modern decor style, where carefully selected works of art adorn clean rooms in a pastel-toned palette of pearl gray to taupe gray. The hotel restaurants and bars offer a wide array of choices and for a more relaxed setting the hotel rooftop and mosaic-tiled Italian-style pool offers residents a breathtaking view of the city.


The opening of Villa Copenhagen, in the old Central Postal Bureau, is expected in 2020!
This titanic project of restoration of the beautiful building from 1912 (with a confidential budget) is financed by Nordic Choice Hotels (previously Choice Hotels Scandinavia), one of the largest hotel businesses of the North with approximately 190 hotels in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, and more than 16,500 employees.
Villa Copenhagen is set to open its doors in the spring of 2020 with 390 rooms and suites, a restaurant, a bar, a fitness hall and a relaxation area with a 25-meter swimming pool warmed by the excess warmth generated in the building, as well as conference rooms. With a promise of luxury and responsible sustainability, we are waiting with anticipation…

The opening and restoration of hotels for business stays and incentives with radical changes in renovated rooms, as well as an abundance of hotels combining digitalization and home automation has all led to reasonably priced hotels.


For a perfect stay, the Wakeup Hotels offer their residents an entirely digital service. Check-in and check-out are done digitally for a fast and efficient service.

At hotel Ottilia, the classic access cards to the rooms have been replaced by use of the mobile phone. Additionally, the information on each phone can easily be retransmitted onto the screen available in the rooms. An application allows the residents to adjust room temperature, order room-service or open the wine cellar.

Copenhagen offers a wide range of different hotel options. The wide price range should be able to satisfy the requirements of any visitor. Room prices vary greatly and allow for a flexible discount system.

Some advice for your stay in Copenhagen:

In order to offer your customers hotel rooms at competitive prices, the dates of the stay are essential information. Please, do not hesitate to ask NORDIC INSITE advice about the best dates to choose.

Prices of rooms vary greatly and there is probably some confusion as to how these prices are determined. If you search the internet, you will find that prices vary depending on the dates chosen. The price of the room is always higher during the weekends, quite simply because demand is higher than during the weekdays. If possible, avoid the busy periods in the high season of July and August. Furthermore, if the city organizes a special event or a conference, the hotels will increase their prices as they know that demand will be higher in this period. 

So, if your dates of travel are flexible, it is possible to save money on a hotel stay.

Whether for a luxury stay, trendy urban or a different incentive, the whole NORDIC INSITE team is at your disposal.

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