Award Ceremony "Entrepreneur of the Year"

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For the fourth year in a row, the Danish-French Chamber will award the "Entrepreneur of the Year" in partnership with Atos.


For the fourth year in a row, the Danish-French Chamber will award the "Entrepreneur of the Year" in partnership with Atos. Participate in the award ceremony organized at the French Embassy on the 27th of November.

This year, even if the COVID crisis has limited the entrepreneurial spirit, we have received four really qualified applications with different profiles, the final decision will be very difficult.

Here are the four applications of 2020:
- Le French Kiosk
- Pytheas Technology
- Ecotree
- Lemon Learning

Learn more aout these 4 applications by clicking here.

Learn more about the jury which is composed of the French organizations established in Denmark by clicking here. 

Take part in the ceremony to discover the winner and see the different presentations related to the Danish-French entrepreneurial spirit. 

Below you can find the agenda of the event:

- Introduction by Caroline Ferrari, French ambassador in Denmark and Anders Torbøl, President of the Chamber of Commerce. 

- Presentation by Claus Larsen, Country Manager at Atos Denmark (10 minutes).
Atos is a French company and a leader in digital transformation with more than 120.000 employees in 73 countries. Atos is the European leader in Cybersecurity, Big Data, Digital Workplace and IoT, and supports a global client base with cutting edge technologies, digital expertise and industry knowledge..


- Presentation Gina Périer and Alexander Egebjerg founders of Lapee (5 minutes)
Lapee won the entrepreneur price last year, Gina Périer and Alexander Egebjerg will explain to us the evolution of the company during this year.

- Each candidate will introduce their project/company in 5 minutes.

- Awarding the prize to the winner by Claus Larsen and the French Ambassador 

- Handing over a gift to the winner (offered by Vin Fra Loire - Aymeric Guespereau)

- Presentation by the winner (5 minutes) 

The ceremony will be broadcasted via Teams. 
Registration is required before the 25th of November. 

Practical information:
- Date: 27th November at 12.00
- Intervention on the platform Teams: a link to join the meeting will be sent to you following your registration.

Thanks to the online format, the number of participants is not limited, so you are welcome to share this invitation with your colleagues.

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