Franco-Danish seminar: "Working Together"


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This seminar is designed to French employees, managers and executives who have just arrived in Denmark.

Denmark is only 1.5 hours flight from Paris, but in the daily business life, Franco-Danish cultural differences can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or tensions.

This seminar is designed to French employees, managers and executives who have just arrived in Denmark. Their spouses working or seeking work in Denmark are welcome to join.
This training will allow you to:
- Understand and decode Danish colleagues and interlocutors
- Be aware of cultural differences between our two countries in the corporate world and especially in management
- Better daily work with the Danes.

Seminar Program

Introduction - 30 minutes
The seminar will be introduced by Céline Dangreaux-Makhlouf (Nordic and Baltic HR Director at Thales) who has worked in Denmark from more than 2 years.
Céline will share his experience of living and working in Denmark.
She will also share some advices and recommendations.

I- Danish culture - 60 minutes

Speaker: Stephanie Torbøl, Danish-French psychotherapist and stresscoach, founder of S.Terapi::

1. Understand the Danish and the Danish culture & Value
2. The Law of Jante revisited
3. Danish & French national culture by Gert Hofstede

II- Working with Danes - 120 minutes

Speaker: Malene Stausholm-Perkins, a consultant in the agency Relocare -
- Labour Culture
- Team spirit
- Sharing knowledge
- The Danish management
- Be managed by a Dane
- Manage a Danish team
- From theory to practice
- Consensus
- The hierarchy
- Goals
- The meetings
- Language and communication
- Verbal communication
- Body communication

Conclusion - 30 minutes
The seminar will be conducted by Allan Ehrenreich Mortensen.
Allan Ehrenreich Mortensen has worked outside Denmark for more than 15 years – four of them based in Paris at the Embassy of Denmark working with Danish and French companies. Since 2016, Allan is based in Denmark and works in Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).  

Cocktail - 60 minutes
The seminar will be followed by a cocktail where the participants can share their experiences and develop their network.

Useful information
Date : Thursday, November 25, 2021
Hours: 13:30 to 17:30 Seminar - Cocktail between 17:30 and 18:00
Location: Danish-French Chamber of Commerce, Skindergade 7, 1159 Copenhagen

- For employees of the Sponsor members of the CCFD: 1,000 dkk / person (+ VAT)
- For members of the CCFD: 1,500 dkk / person (+ VAT)
- Non-members of the CCFD: 2,000 dkk / person (+ VAT)
These prices are also valid for spouses.

Limited seats:
For better interaction between participants, the number of seats is limited to 18 participants. Quickly register your employees to be certain that they will get a seat for the training.

Registration: contact Samuel Vaillant-Jørgensen

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