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Summer excursion to the island of Hven

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Dear Members

This year, our summer excursion is set for an exceptionally unique trip to the Swedish island of Hven located in Øresund.

Hven previously belonged to Denmark. However, since the mid-17th century, the island has been a part of Sweden. Hven is a small, idyllic natural gem dotted with small towns and stunning landscapes in a beautiful interplay with Øresund.


The island is known internationally for its history as the home of the world-famous astronomer / scientist Tycho Brahe during the Middle Ages. He settled down on the island and established a unique, underground observatory called Stjerneborg.

The island's old church no longer functions as a church. Instead, it has become a part of the frame for the Tycho Brahe Museum, which each year attracts thousands of tourists with its multimedia exhibitions.

In addition, an outstandingly beautiful Renaissance garden surrounds the museum. Fun fact: The island, despite its small size, has a world-class whiskey distillery. A reassurance to nervous participants: The trip will not include a planned visit to the distillery.

Please find more about the island and pictures of the wonderful landscape via this link:

Program for the summer excursion:
Saturday 9th June, no later than 8:45am, we will meet in Copenhagen, outside Havnegade 39.

- 9:15am: Departure with the ferry M/S Jeppe to the island of Hven. The duration of the trip is a little less than an hour and breakfast aboard the ferry has been ordered.
- 10.15am: Arrival in Bäckviken Harbour, Hven.
- We will then travel by bus to the small town of Backafallsbyn. After a pleasant walk we will enjoy a typical Swedish lunch.
- After lunch, you will be able to visit the Tycho Brahe Museum (the world-famous astronomer), where you can see and hear about Tycho Brahe's exciting life.
- 15:45pm (at the latest): We will meet at the bus outside the restaurant to return to Bäckviken Harbour. - 16:30pm: Departure for Copenhagen.
- 17:30pm: Arrival in Havnegade

N.B.: As a precaution, due to Swedish immigration laws, all participants must bring a valid driver's license or a valid passport.

A maximum of 35 seats have been reserved for the trip.

- Members (of the Chamber or Copenhague Accueil) and accompanying persons: DKK 375
- Guests: DKK 500
- Children under 12 years: DKK 200
- Sponsor members: Free for the 2 first guests

For the sake of reservation of both ferry tickets and lunch, it is essential that all those who wish to participate in the excursion register no later than 1st June.

You can register on our website below.

Best regards

The Danish-French Chamber of Commerce  

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