Editorial Newsletter January 2019

Dear Members,

2018 was a decisive year for your Chamber of Commerce.

As official co-organizer of dialogue between President Macron and the Danish Business and industry at the French Danish Business Forum organized at Dansk Industri during the state visit to Denmark, the Chamber of Commerce received the official recognition as spokesman for the interest of business active on the franco-danish market.

With the increase of the organization of important events and the high participation rate on these events, the Chamber has proved its attraction to wonder the members. With the strong development of the services offered to the companies, the Chamber has confirmed its raison d’être.

In addition, for the first time the Chamber has been represented in “les entretiens de Royaumont” with the presence of our vice-president Pierre Yves Jullien and Samuel Vaillant-Jørgensen. https://entretiensroyaumont.org/en/eng-accueil/.
At the same time the annual meeting of the International French Chambers of Commerce was organized, which continue to grow around the world and is today composed of 125 Chambers in 102 countries! We are proud to report that your Chamber, in an international comparison of all the French Chambers published during this meeting, comes in as number 3 in respect of growth and 7 in respect of efficiency.

Again, we would like to thank you, as well as the Director and his small team.

As you can imagine, such results motivate us even more to develop our activities and to continue to be the partner that you expect.

With all the good news it is a pleasure to wish you all a happy New Year with many opportunities to work together, and to thank you for making your Chamber a success.

Anders Torbøl
Danish-French Chamber of Commerce

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