Startup/Entrepreneur of the year

Here are the 8 applications received this year: 

-  StepUp Air is a wearable improving training efficiency of triathletes and other endurance sportspeople up to 20 % by monitoring precisely breathing, one of the fastest body response to the effort.

- Nspill Nspill drives cyber-security signals and protects the sensitive data journey, wherever it goes.

- Attitude Consult is the commercial link between France and Denmark, your Export-Department-As-A-Service.

- Thomas Mougeolle Photography  I use photography and video as a witness. The Human leads a primordial position in my work. Portraits and reports allow me to convey messages and stories where people shine. 

- Lapee is French Danish startup which designed and developed the world's first industrialized female urinal for outdoor events.

- Pragma 9 provides assistance to Danish or French companies to build their offer to Public Procurement or execute Public Contracts in France or Denmark, as an end-to-end offer with collaborations between companies from both countries.

- Canelés Dejean, Our pastries are aesthetically beautiful and gastronomically irresistible.

-, is a web platform dedicated to drones. It allows privates, professionals and companies to find or propose: pilot services, rentals, purchase and sale of drones and aerial content. 

Each entrepreneur will introduce his/her project/company in 2 minutes.

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