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Biodiversity (Competitive dialogue)
For human societies, biodiversity is both a support and a provider of goods and services. The flourishing of these forms of life in cities partly guarantees good air quality, water quality and temperature regulation. Urban biodiversity is also a source of well-being, physical and mental health for residents. SOLIDEO implements a competitive dialogue for innovative solutions related to the management and protection of urban biodiversity. These solutions may concern vegetalization, species preservation and focus on giving individuals a "nature experience" through care (animals, beehives, and houseplants), gardening (community gardens), observation and listening (birds, flowers, insects).

Inclusive and multi-sensory signage (Innovation Partnership)
SOLIDEO is implementing a universal design approach whose objective is to ensure that the Olympic structures can offer the most comfortable conditions for all users, both during the Games and after the transformation of the venues. This concerns both buildings (equipment, housing, offices) and public places, which must be functional and pleasant, making it a meeting point for everyone. The general objective of this partnership will be to develop solutions that facilitate the identification, orientation and guidance for all, by responding primarily to the needs and expectations of people with intellectual, cognitive and sensory deficiencies. The answers provided may therefore be of several types (urban development, furniture, signage, individual solutions, etc.) but must necessarily be inclusive, i.e. aim as much as possible to benefit all populations in a spirit of universal design and, at the very least, not create discomfort for any type of user.

IoT Sensor Network ("Open" Tender Market)
SOLIDEO wishes to initiate an environmental monitoring experiment within the public spaces of the Olympic and Paralympic Village. It will be a question of being able to have, in real time, a cartography of the environmental quality of the site thanks to the data provided by these sensors. By collecting and using the environmental data produced, the challenges will be to raise public awareness of sustainable development and climate change issues, contribute to reducing local energy bills, and strengthen urban comfort and social cohesion through the development of innovative services. Implemented during the “construction phase”, this monitoring should contribute to SOLIDEO's work on exemplary projects.

Platform ("Open" tender market)
Designed to receive and monitor data produced by sensors, as well as other data flows (light poles, data from other territorial and national platforms, etc.), this platform will enable the development of efficient and innovative urban services for a sustainable city. Its perimeter will therefore cover territorial data (Smart Data), user relationship management (GRU) and territorial monitoring in a spirit of territorial overview. This digital environment, designed to be sustainable in the games and legacy phase, will be implemented during the construction phase and will support new urban services for citizens. During the Game phase, it will be able to host experiments with innovative services and facilitate the "use" of the Olympic and Paralympic Village on a daily basis for athletes and their entourage.

3D VR/AR model (Contract in invitation to tender "with negotiation")
SOLIDEO wishes to produce the digital models of five Olympic infrastructures (Olympic and Paralympic Village, Media Cluster, Olympic Aquatic Centre, Arena 2, Marina of Marseille) based on the data of the BIM models. The objective is to respond in an innovative way: to a general public and institutional communication of the works carried out for the games, to the follow-up and to the support to the technical project management in the construction phase, building safety and public spaces and support for local governance.

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