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Paris will welcome the Olympic Games in 2024. In order to organise this global event, Paris and France are going to launch a significant number of projects to welcome the athletes and tourists. These projects are managed by SOLIDEO. The Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques (SOLIDEO) is a public institution responsible for financing, supervising and delivering the works and development operations necessary for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

SOLIDEO is currently looking for partners that can guarantee optimal delivery and a level of ambition and innovation that will help the city of Paris reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Partners who can present innovative solutions within the context of climate change, biodiversity, and who are ambitious about sustainability and the environment.

The Paris 2024 project is based on 95% of existing or temporary sites, with an announced budget of 6.6 billion euros. Out of this budget, 3 billion euros will be invested in the major projects for the Games (Olympic Village, Media Village), half of which is financed by SOLIDEO (50% public money).

In order to allow the Danish companies to understand these different opportunities, the first step will be to organise a webinar.

SOLIDEO is offering business opportunities to foreign companies through procurement set-ups that give access to main French buyers, networking platforms and deeper knowledge about the market in order to deliver infrastructure projects under strict deadlines. They look out for smaller companies with innovative and sustainable solutions to take part in these projects, either directly by responding to calls for innovative solutions within the framework of public procurement law or as sub-suppliers to bigger entrepreneur companies. In this sense, Danish SMEs have a diversity of skills, expertise and potential that they can offer the French market.

For this, SOLIDEO has already in July launched several calls for innovation projects via the competitive dialogue procedure to improve the quality of outdoor air, the urban heat islands, the smart lampposts, and the inclusive urban facilities inside the Olympic venues.

Learn more about Solideo by clicking here. 


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