Women's conference speakers

Tahmina Salik is the co-founder & chairperson of NGO PAREI, a nonprofit organization working to eliminate poverty, promote gender equality and create better opportunities for Afghan people. Thus far, Tahmina and her team have helped many families establish their  businesses. She leads the Danish-Afghan women & diaspora forum( DAKDIF) where she advocates for women’s rights in Denmark and Afghanistan.  
Tahmina is also co-owner and board member at Warfair. https://www.warfair.store/
Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tahmina immigrated to Denmark as a refugee child with her family. Tahmina holds a master’s degree in business, culture and language from the University of Southern Denmark. 

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Helle Malmvig, senior researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies. She will be focusing on how women in Iran are currently using digital means such as social media and technology to gain awareness about Iranian women's protests and predicament.

Primary research areas

Helle Malmvig’s research focuses on international politics of the Middle East. She is particularly interested in aesthetic and popular cultural discourses and practices of war, ethnic and sectarian identity politics, and visual and aesthetic modes of resistance and counter-conducts, particularly in Syria, Lebanon, Israel Palestine and Iran.

Current research

Visuality, sound, violence and war 

Currently Helle Malmvig is particularly interested in how warfare is performed audially and visually in popular culture and by the hyperreal practices of soldiers and militias themselves.

Aestheticization and humorization of international politics

This project in the making is interested in the implications of what Malmvig calls ‘humorization of politics’,  and how that relates to postmodern conditions of truth and the spectacle of politics.

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Dorthe Kerschus, Client Executive Partner at Atos will be telling us more about how the company works to develop this diversity. 

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