Fabien Milanesi is appointed General Manager of AMMINEX Emissions Technology

Fabien, can you tell us a little more about your professional background?
I have over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, working in a variety of management positions in Operations, R&D and Finance for large automotive suppliers across the globe. For the past 7 years I worked for AMMINEX parent company, FAURECIA, a leading automotive technology company.

Could you introduce us to AMMINEX Emissions Technology?
AMMINEX proposes to the market a unique technology named ASDS™ which demonstrates premium performances on diesel engine depollution, especially in city driving conditions. ASDS™ had its debut in 2015 in Copenhagen, where 300 old buses were retrofitted to reach Euro VI standard. We are currently retrofitting 900 buses in London and we prepare ourselves to retrofit up to 20 000 trucks in Seoul.
The heart of the ASDS™ technology is a cartridge containing a salt that can safely store a large amount of ammonia in in solid state. When the cartridge is slightly heated, the ammonia gas is released, and we dose it into the exhaust line, where it reacts with NOx to form harmless nitrogen and water. ASDS™ product is a complete system that require a unique range of expertise such as chemical, mechanics, electronics and software.
AMMINEX is employing 70 people in our Tech Center in Søborg and our Plant in Nyborg.

What are the next challenges for AMMINEX?
AMMINEX, toward providing its ASDS™ technology, has demonstrated it can bring clean air to cities. It is now time for us to scale up the business by leveraging our knowledge, experience and global footprint together with our parent company FAURECIA.

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