Intercultural workshop on Danish and French work cultures for companie

Intercultural workshop on Danish and French work cultures for companies

The Danish-French Chamber of Commerce is a natural forum, where the Danish and the French work cultures meet and confront each other. Addressing Danish-French intercultural issues is thus part of its DNA.

Based on this experience and on the expertise of key members, the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce offers to companies to organize tailormade trainings on Danish / French work cultures, aiming at bringing participants the basics of the Danish/French work culture and at developing their ability to interact with Danish/French people in professional situations.

Public:  Employees / managers from French group located in Denmark / Danish companies doing business with French people.


Provide participants a better understanding of the Danish / French work culture, provide them with some best practices / tools to address intercultural differences at work and thus develop their intercultural skills.

Steps to intercultural agility – scheme freely adapted from “Communicate and cooperate with Scandinavians” – AFNOR publishing

Format and Program: 

Trainings combine interventions of experts in Danish / French intercultural issues and of professionals from the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce’s network (HR managers, managers).

Trainings are adjusted to the client’s expected outcomes and to participants’ profile. 

Examples of organized trainings:

One-day training organized for 10 French professional newcomers from different companies:

  • Purpose: bringing knowledge and tools to enable participant to adjust their professional behavior to the Danish work environment. 
  • Preparation: interviews of participants to understand their background and expectations
  • Program:
    • Introduction speech by the French country manager of Air France KLM 
    • The Danish culture: presentation by a Danish-French psychotherapist
    • Working with Danes: intervention by an expert in intercultural management
    • Interactive session with a Danish ex-ambassador who lived in France for many years
    • Networking cocktail
  • Indicative price : 2,000 DKK (excl. VAT) per person - minimum 10 participants

Half-a-day training organized for a 50-participant group at the occasion of a corporate internal seminar of a French group located in Denmark:

  • Purpose: workshop organized at the general manager request with the purpose of raising awareness on Danish and French cultural differences at work
  • Preparation: online survey among participants to understand their cultural background
  • Program:
    • Introduction speech by the Danish HR manager of Alstom on her experience of working in a Danish-French environment
    • Cultural and historical backgrounds of the Danish and French work cultures, by a Danish-French psychotherapist
    • How to address intercultural differences in concrete work situations, by an expert in intercultural management
    • Exchanges with the French HR director of L’Oréal Nordics
  • Outcomes: “It has created a common reference framework, that enables us to better discuss on intercultural issues in our daily work” – HR manager from the entity
  • Indicative price: 25,000 DKK (excl. VAT)


  • Training sessions are organized upon request, with a one-month notice.
  • Contact: Christel Décatoire – cd(@), +45 53 76 42 75
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