Introduction to Danish work culture for French newcomers in Denmark

Over the years, the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce has developed a double expertise both in welcoming French newcomers in the Danish business world / job market and in decoding Danish-French intercultural issues.

Based on this experience and on the expertise of its network, the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce has created an introduction training to the Danish work culture. It is tailored for French newcomers in Denmark and aims at bringing participants the basics of the Danish work culture and at developing their ability to interact with Danes in professional situations.

Public:  French expats living in Denmark for less than one year and their spouses.


Provide participants a better understanding of the Danish society and work culture and thus help them to develop their intercultural skills in a Danish work environment.

Steps to intercultural agility – scheme freely adapted from “Communicate and cooperate with Scandinavians” – AFNOR publishing


  • 3-hour individual or small group training (up to 3 participants)
  • Interactive session
  • Training content adapted to the trainee’s needs and situation

Training program:

1. Understanding the Danish culture:

The first part of training is dedicated to exploring key components of the Danish culture and their impact on the Danish work culture: 

2. Working with Danes:

Based on international intercultural studies and sharing of experience from professionals of the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce’s network, the purpose of this session is to give practical tools and points of reference by addressing amongst others: key values of the Danish professional behavior, dos and don’ts in professional situations, management in Denmark: managing and being managed

Options upon request: working in the Nordics, the Danish job market 


  • 1,500 DKK (excl. VAT) for one participant + 500 DKK (excl. VAT) for additional participants
  • One-day training including options: price on request
  • Included:  free participation to the newcomer day for the participant’s family, newcomer guide, 1-2-hour workshop for the spouse on the Danish job market.


  • Training sessions are organized upon request, with a one-week notice.
  • Venue: Danish-French Chamber of Commerce’s office or at the trainee’s office
  • Contact: Christel Décatoire – cd(@), +45 53 76 42 75
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