Pour les entreprises

Pour les entreprises

La Chambre de Commerce Franco-Danoise offre un ensemble de prestations permettant d'accompagner les entreprises franco-danoises dans la gestion de leurs problématiques RH.

Vous souhaitez recruter un salarié francais ou un danois en France ou au Danemark ?

La chambre de commerce vous propose 4 offres pour vous accompagner dans votre recherche. 

- Service Sourcing (gratuit pour les membres) : publication de l'offre sur le site de la Chambre de Commerce. En savoir plus.

- Service Recherche Active : service Sourcing + recherche active de profils, publication de l'annonce sur tous les supports de la Chambre. En savoir plus.

- Service Sélection : service Recherche Active + entretiens avec les candidats + pré-sélection en savoir plus

- Service Sélection Plus : Service Sélection + tests de personnalité en savoir plus


Find some testimonials from companies that have used our services below:

Les grands Chais de France:
"The Danish French Chamber of Commerce helped us in our recruitment process. The experience has been very professional and successful. Indeed, They have been able to identify the profile we were looking for with a good network, a pre-selection of candidates, interview feedback and follow-up, in a very efficient way. If you need help for recruitment in Denmark, the Danish French Chamber of Commerce is very helpful"

Bonduelle Nordic A/S:
"We used the recruitment services of the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce in our recent search for a French speaking candidate. The service Active Search was perfectly adapted to our needs, and we are particularly pleased with the savings in time thanks to this service and the quality of the service provided. We really enjoyed the selection of applications, and we only received relevant applications. As the candidates were qualities, we selected one of them for our vacancy and we can wholeheartedly recommend this service"

"I would like to send my warmest appreciations to the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce for the great help on finding the right Project Coordinator for the Hospital Equipment Unit of Missionpharma. Indeed, we received an application of a highly relevant profile from their recruitment bureau. The pre-screening of her experience in comparison to the profile we were looking for was the perfect match. The selected candidate started 4 months ago and has embraced the position beyond our expectations. She is dedicated, positive, with a highly sense for business and she fits totally in our organization. I can only recommend any company willing to find the right candidate speaking French, to ask for the recruitment bureau services of the Danish-French Chamber of commerce”

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare SAS
We are very satisfied with the support given by the team of the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce. It quickly, professionally, kindly and with efficiency helped us with a recruitment for a job offer located in France.

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