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Air France and KLM transport more than 900.000 passengers out of Denmark each year. One of our ways to thank all these passengers for their loyalty is our loyalty program Flying Blue.

When a passenger is member of Flying Blue, our flying- and ground staff recognise the passengers and can better help them in tricky situations.


Each time a Flying Blue member is flying on Air France or KLM, the person will gain miles. The number of gained miles depend on the ticket fare, the distance of the flight and the Flying Blue level of the passenger.

These miles can be used for free reward tickets. Reward tickets however require quite a sum of miles, which can be discouraging for a person who has a less regular flight pattern.

This is why we would like to put focus on other flight related services where the miles can be used. Services which require less miles than flight tickets.

The miles can be used for extra baggage, up-grades (when seats available), specific meals on long distance routes and even for nice items in the Flying Blue shop. You can discover the items here

Flying Blue

Enrol in Flying Blue here and start enjoying the advantages. Read more about Flying Blue


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