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Bravo to Bel Group (and its local subsidiary Bel Nordic)!

During the coronavirus crisis, all of us have complicated moments but also, fortunately, some good news.

A few days ago Bel Group Nordics contacted us, because of COVID-19 and the stop of foodservice activities, they had more than 1 ton of their well-known cheese “Port Salut” in stock with an expiry date limited to just over 1 month. They didn’t want to destroy this stock and wanted to find a solution on how to donate to an association. 

They decided to donate to the association ‘FødevareBanken'. FødevareBanken is a non-profit, humanitarian organisation, where volunteers help redistribute food in excess donated by collaborating partners to a long list of aid organisations in Copenhagen. These organisations are, amongst others, homeless shelters, drop-in centers for people living on the streets and centers of refuge for women, children and men. In this way everyone, with no bias towards income, age or gender, has a way to receive a healthy and fulfilling meal. 

Thanks to Bel Group for this great gesture to the community and their solidarity!

If some of our company members need support in finding relevant associations in Denmark for a donation, you are welcome to contact us, we will be delighted to help you. 

If your company has made this kind of gesture, please forward us the news, it is fantastic to share this kind of great news and highlight the network solidarity! 

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