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Brøndby IF - New company member

We might be the biggest football club in Denmark. We might be the biggest sports brand in Denmark. We might be the club with by far the most and best fans. But all this comes from something other than football. It comes from staying true to the values that the club was built on when created on December 3rd 1964.

Unity is the key word in everything we do. It is in the way we play. The way we develop talent. In working with our partners and sponsors and our hugely successful network meetings. And in the way we break down barriers like being the first professional football club in Denmark. Like building the probably most outstanding Fanzone in the stadium. Like delivering the backbone to the Danish national team through the years including the winning team of EURO92.

But Brøndby IF is more than a football club. It is a way of life. It is taking care of each other on and of the pitch. It is taking social responsibility in the community. It is growing as people and football not in spite of each other but because of each other.

To experience the true meaning of unity you have to experience Brøndby IF.

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