Chandon Garden Spritz, the first sip of summer in the Nordics

Chandon Garden Spritz is a delicious and uplifting spritz experience.

All around in the Nordics, and especially in Denmark, Chandon Garden Spritz is an incredible innovation.
You’ll find it in restaurants and bars but also in Supermarkets and in ERetail.
The Nordics are already the 3rd biggest European market, the success of this great liquid is outstanding.

The amazing liquid evokes a delightful summer spent at sunny gatherings with good friends. Sophisticated yet authentic. Simple yet intriguing. Crafted with half the sugar of any other spritz, it has no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. It’s nothing more than naturally delicious.
Chandon Garden Spritz takes our exceptional sparkling wine and adds a unique twist: our own bitter-orange liqueur, handcrafted with locally sourced oranges, herbs and spices.
A secret artisanal recipe, ready to serve, ready to share – ideally drenched over ice with a sliver of fresh orange and a sprig of rosemary.

Our winemakers in Argentina are used to uncovering the unexpected.
Chandon Garden Spritz was inspired by the well known Argentine penchant for moreish bitter flavors such as yerba maté and Fernet – aromas that tantalize the palate. Add in the exceptional quality of the local Valencia oranges, and you have the perfect authentic summer serve. It’s a refined spritz for those seeking new frontiers in their glass, handcrafted by CHANDON’s winemaking team in Mendoza, Argentina, using local handpicked grapes and oranges, enhanced with rarefied botanicals.

A delicious top-quality dry cuvée of the house’s sparkling wine, made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Semillon grapes grown at an altitude of around 1,000m at our estate in Mendoza.
Here, the terroir and climate naturally favor the freshness, ripeness and acidity we require.
The wine is made using our slow-ferment long Charmat method to preserve this all-important true fruit expression.

Our house-made zesty, aromatic, refreshing orange bitters.
We craft it from perfectly ripe Valencia oranges, grown on a pesticide[1]free sustainable farm in Entre Rios, northeastern Argentina that has been cultivated by one family for three generations.
Once our oranges are peeled, we oven-dry some of the rinds, using some dried and some fresh in our blend.
We macerate the rinds in grape brandy, along with a selection of herbs and spices from the world’s finest terroirs.
The result is a delectable bitter-orange liqueur.
Once blended with our sparkling wine, it’s summer in a bottle.

Ice, a fresh orange twist, a sprig of rosemary, and friends.
Then toast the moment, any way you like

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