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Crossed looks - September 5th

Den 5. september deltog næsten 70 medlemmer i en exceptionel konference om interkulturelle forskelle mellem Frankrig og Danmark.

On the 5th of September, the Chamber was delighted to welcome two speakers, who gave their views on their experiences as French managers moving to Denmark and a Danish manager moving to France:

Marc Essig: After his first experience in the Scandinavian countries in 2006, Marc came back to Denmark for the second time in 2015 as Director of the Nordic and Baltic countries for Thales.

Before moving to Athens, Marc got back to explain his experience as a French  CEO in Denmark.

Peter Smidt-Nielsen: Working for the Global Maritime Leader, Maersk, Peter has in total 32 years of experience in senior executive positions in 8 different countries on 5 continents, including 4 years as PDG Maersk France, in 2013-2017, where he among others carried out a social plan. Maersk France has a $400 million turnover and employs roughly 200 people and has its headquarters in Paris and offices in Le Havre, Marseille, la Réunion, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

After a short presentation of themselves, the two speakers gave their views about the differences and similarities between the way business and management are conducted in the two countries.

Thanks a lot to this two speakers for the very interesting presentation and exchanges.

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