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Legrand is a frontrunner within smart home solutions. With our technology and products, you can control your home with your voice, smartphone, or switch. The smart home solutions increase your comfort, safety, and allow you to save energy.

The products do not only make your home more beautiful. Besides the design, you have the soft values ​​that a connected home provides: security and simplicity. The simple installation of the products gives you a completely new, improved quality of life. You get easy control and the latest wireless technology, through our free app, along with our Cloud services.

With Mosaic™ with Netatmo, the IoT magic is in your hands. After all, the goal of the Internet of Things (IoT) is to connect devices to simplify everyday life. Mosaic™ with Netatmo allows you to design your connected home according to your needs. You can easily change, add, and remove features to follow your lifestyle and simplify your everyday life. The simple replacement of traditional switches and sockets saves you the hassle.

You can control your lighting and your shutters, receive notifications, monitor energy consumption, and create scenarios that make your life easier. For example, you can create a scenario where all electronic switches go out when you leave the house, or another scenario where all the lights go out when you go to bed.

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