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Green and Smart Mobility

The Danish-French Chamber of Commerce organized a conference called "Green and Smart Mobility" at KU.BE (Frederiksberg) on the 7th of November.

The future of the planet is currently a major political, economic and humanitarian issue. In recent years, these crucial reflections regarding our future have been essential for corporate strategies.
Transport companies are even more affected by this phenomenon, and they are all working to change their corporate models and to minimize pollution.

This is why the Chamber organized two round tables to discuss the following topics.

Round table 1: Individual transport. We are at a turning point where electric motors are at the heart of this evolution, two companies took part in the tour de table.

- Renault: Renault has made the electric car a major stake in their development. The ZOE has been a significant commercial success and a new version will be launched in November, it is the 3rd version. The first one was introduced in 2012. Yana Minenko, the new CEO of Renault Denmark told us more about this development.

ZOE is the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe since it was first launched. The Renault share of electric vehicles in their portfolio (for the H1 2019) varies greatly in Europe, with for instance 87% in Norway, 2,6% in Denmark and 4% in France. 

- K-Ryole: new start-ups are emerging to contribute with major and innovative solutions as it is the case for this French company that has developed electric bike trailers. Amaury de Ricqles was present as the Danish representative of K-Ryole (called Medvind System in Denmark). 
With the K-Ryole system it is possible to carry up to 250kg with an electric trailer that is plugged directly to a bicycle. It is an easy means of transportation and at the same time a sustainable solution.

Round table 2: Collective transport; air transport and rail transport. New innovative solutions have arrived, 2 companies discussed this subject:

- Alstom: Alstom launched the first hydrogen train in the world in 2018 in Germany. Emmanuel Henry, Managing Director at Alstom Denmark, explained this new technology.
Alstom has for years taken part in environmentally responsible approaches of developing comprehensive non-polluting solutions for the sector of rail transport.
Today rail operators mostly use diesel trains to operate passenger service on non-electric networks. Now Alstom offers a CO2 emission-free regional train and a silent alternative with a technology powered by hydrogen fuel save. This train only has emissions of condensed water and operates at the lowest noise level. Alstom is one of the first manufacturers worldwide to develop a passenger train based on such technology.

- Air France: Anita Wagner Feddersen, Sales Director at Air France KLM Denmark, explained how Air France has committed to reducing environmental impact and reduce CO2 emissions.
A new campaign has been launched by KLM to encourage customers to think twice before purchasing flight tickets when it is not necessary and to check if there are other options available. 
Indeed, completely excluding this means of transportation is not realistic but flying should be done in a more sustainable way. Customers can pick airline companies that are involved in targeting less polluting fuels or other actions with a positive environmental impact.

After these 2 round tables, we were lucky to welcome a French start-up Ecotree on the stage. Thomas Norman Canguilhem, Head of International Growth, told us more about the start-up.
Ecotree allows anyone to buy a tree to compensate for CO2 emissions and also to create more biodiversity.  Ecotree will take care of all the practicalities related to the growing and watering process of the tree that has been planted.
After many years when the tree will be cut down, the tree investor will get 100% of the investment back with a value growth on top.

The last speaker of the evening was Yann Couedel, a teacher at Prins Henrik Skole who is working on a project of the protection of the environment with pupils of the school. Approximatively 70 pupils (6/7 years old) will participate in the project.
With their teachers, they will create a Group Action defined by one or more people coming together to form an Inside Out Project. This Group Action will convey a message of a cause that we are passionate about, the protection of the environment. The portraits will be printed as large posters and displayed at a central location in Copenhagen.
In order to develop the project, they are looking for support.
Please find the contact details of Yann by clicking here. 

After the conference, all the guests were invited to a networking cocktail.

Thank you to all the speakers for sharing their experience and thank you to all the participants for their very interesting questions.

Please find some pictures of the evening below.

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