Meet Jean-Christophe Letellier, the new General Manager of L’Oréal Nordic.

Meet Jean-Christophe Letellier, the new General Manager of L’Oréal Nordic. With 25 years of experience, Jean Christophe has held several assignments for the L’Oréal group around the world with the last 12 years in India and Indonesia. Now, he has arrived in Copenhagen to lead the team in times of exciting shifts on the beauty market.

What is your mission for L’Oréal Nordic? The Nordics is a strategic market for the L’Oréal group with close to 500M euro sales in 2017 alone. With a portfolio of 32 of the most loved and recognized beauty brands, Copenhagen forms the HQ for the Nordic Hub. My mission is to strengthen ourposition as no#1. beauty company in the Nordics. The beauty and FMCG market is in transformation, very dynamic and volatile, but even in the most mature and developed markets you have emerging consumers and channels to explore.Lastly, my mission is raise awareness about L’Oréal as a great place to work with many career opportunities and to share with our clients and consumers the commitments and actions we take towards a more sustainable world.

What are you looking most forward to? On a personal level, I look forward to Denmark and the Nordic region as a great place to live. Adopting the hygge lifestyle, biking, discovering the diversity of the Nordics, exploring the beauty of its landscape, engaging with the “almost nearly perfect people” (as quoted by Michael Booth) is a true opportunity for my family and myself.

On a professional level, I look forward to discovering the Nordic way of working; collaborative, open, direct, everyone equal within the team. The Nordics with its flair for organization and work-life balance is a source of inspiration for the L’Oréal group. Finally, I am here to seize the emerging part of the Nordic business and accelerate our transformation to win from the big channel and consumer shifts.

Having just spent 5 years in India, what can the Nordic people learn from this culture? To be optimistic and never fatalist, to see the opportunity more than the obstacle, to believe in the power of the team. In this country of incredible contrasts, colorful diversity, chaos, inequalities, unpredictability, the people stay optimistic and entrepreneurial whatever the circumstances.

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