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New company member: ALTEN Denmark

ALTEN Denmark is part of the ALTEN Group, world leader in engineering consultancy. We provide our clients support in Life Sciences, Engineering and Enterprise Services with a focus on high level expertise and innovation. Since 2019, we have a strong local presence, close to our clients, with our offices in Herlev and Copenhagen. More than 100 engineers are carrying out complex and highly technical projects throughout the value chain of the main companies in Denmark.

We provide our know-how in time and material management and we offer work packages and service hubs to our clients. Creating global customer synergies and bringing support on technological challenges and innovation is part of our DNA.

Life Sciences Business Line

The Danish Life Sciences Industry is rapidly growing, and we are part of the journey by supporting Danish pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech and food industry companies with our highly specialized ALTEN engineers. Digitalized manufacturing, Industry 4.0, connected medical devices and innovative drug technologies are at the core of our ongoing projects.

Our engineers’ skillset ranges from R&D to Commissioning through Clinical trials, Quality & Compliance, and Validation.

The activities of the company Larix, our subsidiary dedicated to clinical trials, completes our 360-degree offer from research to supply chain.

Engineering Business Line

Our Engineering Business Line is involved in the energy, transportation and defence sectors. Our main projects focus on green energies, new transportations, and innovative manufacturing technologies. Our engineers are experts in control systems, mechatronics, requirement engineering and innovation management. Engineering is the historical business of ALTEN Group and ALTEN Denmark benefits from long term expertise and references.

In 2022, ALTEN Denmark will hire 50 engineers. We are strengthening the relationships with our key clients and developing new partnerships in the Life Sciences and Engineering fields. In parallel, we are working to start our Enterprise Services activities.

Have a look at our current open positions! Click here.

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