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New Company member - EAGLE SHARK A/S

The Chamber of Commerce is delighted to welcome a new company member: EAGLE SHARK A/S.

EAGLE SHARK A/S leverages highly experienced investigators and intelligence analysts, many whom have served in police and civilian or military intelligence organisations, to provide our clients with
- Actionable due diligence,
- Forensic evidence to support litigation,
- Evidence of insurance fraud and brand or IPR infringement, etc.

Our investigators use a variety of methods, technologies and tools to produce reports and evidentiary material.

Every engagement we undertake follows local and international law and all information is ethically obtained.

Our investigative and intelligence reports that are critical for good decision-making.  Our forensic investigations for legal professionals provide strong support to both prosecution and defence.

In addition to the more traditional corporate investigative reports, EAGLE SHARK A/S has within its intelligence & investigation unit a team who provide deep due diligence of any kind. Our team of experts can be integrated into a client’s own team or blended with other security specialists from EAGLE SHARK A/S to provide enhanced information and analysis.

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