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Schneider Electric factory visit

The 15th of March, the Innovation and Production committee arranged a visit of the Schneider Electric factory in Ringsted.

25 members joined this visit, and we also had the honour of welcoming the French Ambassador on the tour.

We started the day with presentations, where Schneider shared their comprehensive and impressive sustainability strategy. Indeed, the Schneider Electric operations in Ringsted achieved complete carbon neutrality in 2024. The plant is undergoing a thorough transformation, driven by sustainability, energy efficiency, and operational efficiency goals. The results are momentous, and the Ringsted factory has become a best case example on industrial green transformation - within the group as well as to the industry at large.

We would like to thank the 3 speakers for their great presentations:
- Yasemin Yavari, Digital Transformation Consultant at Schneider Electric
- Thomas Trager, CEO Schneider Electric Denmark
- Corentin Neuville, General Plant Manager at Schneider Electric

After the presentations, the group had the chance to visit the factory.
The meeting was concluded by a lunch, where all the participants had time to continue the discussion about innovation and sustainability and develop their network.

A big thanks to Christophe Moyer for organising this visit, and to Thomas, Yasemin, Corentin and the entire Schneider Electric team for the fantastic welcome!!

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