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The elections and the negotiations on the DTA

Whereas the Danish elections went against the European trend with substantial progress to the parties at the center and  corresponding reductions of the number of parliamentarians of the other parties, it seems certain that the elections will result in a change of government to a social democratic  government.

In this context, the fact that it was possible to ensure an agreement between the French and the Danish government on the principles for taxation of pensions, and the opening of negotiations on a new dual tax convention, supported by a majority of the Parliament turns out to be essential.

On the one hand, the elections  have resulted in a strengthening of this majority from 117 to 128 out of the 179 members of Parliament, on the other hand the social democratic party being a part of this majority, makes it possible to ensure that the negotiations can go on as soon as the new government is in place.

As for the Chamber, we will do our best to inform the new Danish minister of the urgency of this matter and assist in the work to create the best solutions for both French and Danish business, and ultimately for a solid basis for increasing the economic relations between our two countries.

Anders Torbøl


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