The new “Lycée Francais Prins Henrik” is to remain on Frederiksberg!

The “Lycée Français Prins Henrik” (LFPH) has been based in Frederiksberg since 1954 and has long been recognized in Copenhagen for its academic excellence. Every year the school opens its doors to students (ages 3 to 18) from forty different nationalities: French children, as a matter of course, but also Danish children from families seeking a more plurilingual and intercultural education, as well as children from many other countries, whose parents are temporarily based in Copenhagen for work. Having a French parent definitely isn’t a prerequisite for going to LFPH!

Over the last couple of years, the school has transformed to become truly international.  Some of the changes include:  additional foreign language classes for the younger students, especially more Danish and English. Our Middle Years program recently launched a new English Section that offers motivated students the opportunity to practice English for an additional two hours a week; developing their own projects in English (videos, events, blogs, etc.). We hope to extend the offer to our High School level students next year. Last but not least is our new German language offer! We recently entered a partnership with Sankt Petri, the German school in Copenhagen, which allows two of our students from Fourth (13-year-olds) to take their subjects in German at the partner school, and in exchange, we welcome two of their students! LFPH is also part of the AEFE network (the Agency for French Education Abroad), which offers 16-year-old students - COVID-19 permitting! – the chance to spend five or six weeks at a French high school anywhere in the world! Our older students have the choice between two Baccalaureates, the French Baccalaureate or the French-Danish one, recognized by the Danish Ministry of Education.

Health and fitness is one of our top priorities. Children at the primary school level participate in a program called “30 minutes of daily physical activity,” promoted by the AEFE. In connection with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the school will organize events such as “Olympics Day” or “Olympic and Paralympic week,” where the students will not only have the chance to exercise, they can meet athletes, discover lesser-known sports or learn more about Paralympic sports. LFPH will also be participating in the “Grand Départ” of the Tour de France in early July 2022, in Copenhagen, with lots of fun events scheduled for the students. Our focus on good health and well-being is one of the ways we introduce students to sustainable development, in relation to the 17 UN goals!

Alongside the wide array of stimulating daily activity, is the ongoing construction of our new campus, which began in September 2021. Our new school will be located at the intersection of Bülowsvej and Rolighedsvej in Frederiksberg. We hope to be able to welcome our students there during the school year of 2023-2024.

As you can see, the Lycée Français Prins Henrik offers a long list of educational programs focused on the well-being of our students and their future success. You can find them in our brand new 2021-2024 School project on our website:

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is now open! Feel free to come explore either of our two campuses in Frederiksberg (while we’re still waiting to move to our new buildings!) and come see for yourself, how we welcome and help our students to grow and flourish.

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