Bilans d’évènement

Tour de France was finally here!

It has been an immensely long period of anticipation for what would be the biggest sporting event ever to take place in Denmark – and what a success it proved to be!

The Chamber invited our members to partake at a unique VIP event, organized by Sport One Denmark at BLOX. The excitement of having arguably the best seats in the city was visible amongst all our guests, and even the heavy Danish summer rain was not enough the stop the joy and enthusiasm. The beautiful venue, where the ridders passed right underneath, provided a spectacular view of the race during the entire day.

The event also saw several presentations from prominent guest speakers, including Brian Mikkelsen (CEO of Dansk Erhverv) and figures from the cycling world: Morten Bennekou from DCU and Mads Würtz Schmidt. This provided insights to both the sportive and commercial elements of hosting the Tour de France in Denmark.

After the speeches, all guests were invited to explore DAC’s beautiful building and the exhibitions on display throughout BLOX, until the time trial commenced. The fantastic architecture allowed all guests to follow the race first hand, from the inside through the large panoramic windows, or from the terraces for those who dared defy the weather. Throughout the day there was complimentary food and drinks for all guests, hereunder both Champagne and Garden Spritz by Moët & Hennessy.

Lastly, the Chamber would like to thank everyone from ASO, Christian Prudhomme, and in particular Alex Pedersen for the hard work allowing the Tour to be experienced à la danoise. The stages following the Copenhagen Time Trial during the weekend, has surely proven that the Danes are amongst the most passionate cycling fans in the world. Thank you to all who contributed – organizers and spectators alike!

Vive le Denmark, Vive le Tour!

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