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DTU Campus visit with TotalEnergies

On the 22nd of September, the Chamber invited its members to a field trip to DTU Risø Campus, thanks to TotalEnergies and DTU.

It was an opportunity to discover a unique public-private partnership where innovation for production is at the center, with focus on clean energy; DTU TotalEnergies Excellence Center for Clean Energy (DTEC).

Rasmus Larsen, Provost of DTU welcomed us, introducing us to the campus’ rich history, divisions and main research subjects.
Christina H. Petersen, Head of Country Services at Total Energies, explained Total Energies’ interest in collaborating with DTU Campus in the pursuit of transitioning into cleaner and sustainable energy.

Finally, Katherine Dykes, Head of Center at DTEC, explained the campus’ role in researching and testing new and already existing renewable energy sources. She emphasized the importance of their latest test facility, a new hybrid energy farm (which the members got to visit), combining wind turbines and solar panels onto the same field, considering local terrain and weather specificities.

Professor Paul Sørensen presented us the facilities and the ongoing projects. The position made it possible to conduct a variety of tests. Then at Villum Center for Advanced Structural and Material Testing (CASMat), Chief Development Engineer Tom Løgstrup Andersen explained the key role of composites in the making of wind turbines and the ongoing research to improve the performance as well as the life-span of materials. CASMat conduct testing for local and international companies with interest into composites.

We all finished around a nice lunch in the campus cafeteria, where we had time for network discussions.

We thank DTU, in particular Rasmus Larsen, Paul Sørensen, Tom Løgstrup Andersen and Mattias Anderson for welcoming us into the DTEC campus along with Christina H. Petersen from Total Energies for making this visit possible.

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