French guide in Copenhagen

At the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce, we have often been asked for advice on where to go, when you miss the incredible feeling of France.

Where to go for good croissants?
For an authentic French wine experience?
Where do you find excellent foie gras in Copenhagen?
And where to go to get a glimpse of French cinema and literature?

These questions have been so many, that we have now decided to create a complete guide of French spots in Copenhagen. Whether you are a French expat missing the taste of home or a Dane with a love for the French food, wine and culture, this publication is your perfect guide to finding those small bits of France in Copenhagen.

To get a true taste of Bretagne, Normandie, Paris, or the Southern Coast of France simply open this guide and find the inspiration on what Danish addresses to visit. Among the many addresses you will find restaurants for fine dining, fromageries, wine vendors, crêperies, bookshops and much more. Additionally, you will be able to familiarize yourself with different organizations in Copenhagen, that are created to better and ease the lives of French expats in Denmark.

We have had 3000 guides printed and we are eager to distribute them among our partner companies and our members. At all the Chamber’s events in the next months you will be able to get your own edition of the guide.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the partners who have accepted to participate in this guide.

The guide will only be distributed in the printed version, but under here you can see a small glimpse of what to expect.

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